Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2015 18:25:54 +0000 (UTC)
From: Robert Watts [email protected]
Reply-To: Robert Watts [email protected]
Subject: Fw: update on our dog
To: "[email protected]" [email protected]

First ,Just can not say enough about you. Period. It is very rare to trust someone --with very little information. I follow my gut a lot. Merlin and Nala produced a magnificent puppy in our eyes. She is just stunning.

We are very very much in love . Never thought a dog could be human like --She is a big cryer when we are not in her sight --Of course ruined by both of us. We have had her for only 3weeks and she is now 13 weeks old. It's amazing how much she has accomplished in 3 short weeks. First I wanted to share with you training. We've never had a dog that literally wants to learn. She pretty much knows all the basic commands. First week she learned sit and down. The second week she learned leave it, stay and come, although she is not great at stay yet. She knows the look command, to look at me. I don't like the word heel, so I use 'come around' and she will do that and sit down beside me. Awesome on the leash, doesn't pull/drag. Not aggressive with strangers, nor shy either.

My wife thinks she is way too smart for us and I truly must agree. She would be a fabulous tracking/rescue or just anything else anyone wanted her to do. She is amazing.

Again I just want you to know what a wonderful dog you have given us. The best way to describe Rehema is just say 'oh my'. She is exceptional in every way you can think of.

Have a kind evening. See the picture.