-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Wegas
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2017 13:56:48 -0800
From: Vivanti Jain [email protected]
To: Roger Tortorella [email protected]

Dear Roger:

I am in receipt of Wegas' pink papers. Thank you. We have been very busy since picking up Wegas 3 weeks ago, otherwise I would have written you earlier. He is everything we asked you for, as promised.

3 days after picking him up at LAX we drove to San Diego. He quickly learned how to be a passenger in the back seat, taking new cues to manage starting, stopping, and turning. We took him to the home of the Chancellor of UCSD for a nice reception for VIP guests. The Chancellor was extremely impressed with Wegas and commented that he looked like he had been in the family for years! We then went to dinner at The Marine Room, a fancy place on the beach in La Jolla. He was so cute as he negotiated the stairs down, I suspect because of the peculiar lighting. His manners were impeccable. On the way out, one of the patrons asked if she cut pet our horse.

He is so sweet and adorable with me, and yet he is very appropriate in other situations. When we do errands together, he is very easy. When strangers ask to pet him, after I allow it he will only allow the stranger to touch him transiently, certainly never looking at the stranger's eyes and always with a message of "OK, I allowed it, enough is enough."

I take him for a mile walk in the morning in the Santa Monica mountains. He does #1 and #2 and is set for the day. He likes the food with chicken or he really likes a charcoal broiled burger on top. His weight seems still slightly less and I have decreased the topping. After some relaxation after the afternoon meal, I take him again for another mile walk. He loves to get exercise that way. When he meets other dogs, he is supremely confident, even with poorly behaved dogs.

On errands, people are impressed with his majestic appearance and presence. He brings people out just to partake of his presence.

Roger, thank you again for giving me a wonderful fully trained dog with an INCREDIBLE temperament. We look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Best personal regards,