Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 00:54:07 +0530
From: Viji Krishnan
Reply-To: Viji Krishnan
Subject: Shorty
To: [email protected]

Dear Roger,

Greetings from India! It has been about five weeks since Shorty came over to India and it has been such an experience. He is getting acclimatised to the weather, all the different sounds and scores of people he meets on his daily walks. But everywhere he goes he gets compliments like "oh what a handsome dog", or "he is so well behaved". And Shorty offcourse laps it all up. In this short span of time, Shorty has worked his way into all our hearts. He is such a wonderful guy ( I don't like to call him a dog), is sooo smart, a little too smart, because he knows how to handle everyone at home. Within a couple of days of his arrival he figured out I was Mom and Gopi was Dad. Then he figured all the staff in the house. He has 2 fulltime caretakers that are there for him, but if I am home he ignores both of them completely, oh what attitude you should see!. But the minute I leave home he is constantly inviting the 2 boys to play. So his caretakers say he is a completely different puppy when I am not around. So I say, he is one smart cookie who knows to take advantage of every situation. Well enough of boasting about my new baby.

Thank you for all your efforts, help and guidance in importing Shorty to India. I really appreciate the patience from you and your team regarding the several documents needed to import Shorty to India. The only thing I would do different the next time around when I import my female is personally pick her up in Germany. Shorty was not released by customs for almost an hour after he had landed and I think I was more traumatised than him. This was after the fact that I had a clearing agent at this end take care of paperwork. I think you should advice anyone from India wanting to import a dog to just pick it up in Germany personally.

I will confirm in a day or two when I am sending Shorty over for his titles and Sch training.

Thank you for your continued support and advice everytime I call you about Shorty. I really appreciate the fact that you have been available on phone even on Sundays. That shows the great committment you have to these wonderful dogs you breed and place in homes like mine. This is the first time I have brought a dog home without having seen him first, but I trusted you from the first time I spoke to you and you have indeed placed a gem with us. Thank you so much.

Warm Regards,
Viji Krishnan