July 25, 2008


My experience with this German Shepherd has been awesome. When I picked him up at the airport, he was one of four doges who were shipped over.

What is amazing is that with the four dogs, all different ages, there wasn't one peep. Very unusual.

Right then and there I was impressed.

On the ride home he melted into my lap and it was an instant bond.

I have not experience puppy hood for sometime now, being 69 years old. Purchasing a puppy was a big decision and I am thrilled to have chosen a Zwinger Von Himmel.

Training him has been a pleasure. In less than a month, he is already sleeping in a dog bed in the bedroom. He wakes me every morning like clockwork.

He is friendly to all who approach him. When company comes, he lies under the kitchen table and he's never a bother.

He jumps, leaps, bounds, and amuses himself constantly. He has a maturity and steadiness about him that an American dog would not have at his age.

I could not have chosen a better companion.

Thank you very much,

Jack Sullivan