Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 13:53:57 -0400
From: Thomas Stocker
Reply-To: Thomas Stocker

He is coming along very nicely. He is a very high energy dog who needs lots of running time daily.We new this, and all of us have made it a point to address this need. He now plays fetch nicely and returns the balls!! He stays on the property and is happy to hang out while you mow, clean stalls or just relax. He is constantly on the move with a ball in his mouth. Kurt launches a soccer ball over the barn with the aid of a lacrosse stick and he runs full throttle for it , beating out Dwight. He enjoys this game many times a day. I can clip his nails, what ever, and he will put up with it. He is now up off his heels and very fit. He floats over the ground and is impressive to watch run. He has just had fun discovering how fast those legs can run. He is kind to all people, just hyper at first and loves everyone.He does love physical contact. Jess takes them for a run behind the 4 wheeler( about 2 miles) to the brook on hot days and he loves that. He will be swimming before long. He now ignores cows ans horses thanks to a few encounters with the fence. We also have young fox pups we encounter on my runs and he listens to my directions nicely and we continue. Please free to drop in sometime if you are down this way. We would love for you to see him in action. I will send pics as soon as I finish up our school year. We have been right out strait. Kurt is heading for Alaska and we are working hard to get him through school and packed.

We can not believe how easy it has been for Kane and us to make this adjustment so far! Kane and Dwight have no issues. We have taken walks, jogged a mile Sat. & today and all has gone well. Friday night and Sat. night we allowed Kane to have run of the house - we thought we might end up being up at least some of the night - but instead - we were able to sleep in (relatively speaking) - not a peep out of him. He does not go up the stairs yet and of course that is where Dwight sleeps. Last night, Kane carried the food dish into us to let know he was hungry and it was time to eat. He is very curious about the farm animals - he has not been educated about the electric fence yet. He has even done very well with our cat -Gus. Gus is very trusting of dogs - he does not run away. So while the cat and Kane still have a way to go - they are doing better than you'd think.Hope all is well. Tom & Sarah

Thanks so much,
Tom & Sarah