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Dear Roger and Dorothy,
We just wanted to send you a progress report on the pup we purchased from your kennel. Nick has been a real joy to our family. I have fostered and owned several German Shepherd dogs and this was the first time we decided to purchase a world class pup. I consider myself a seasoned pet home with the breed but wanted to pursue owning a dog that I picked out for extensive training on all levels. I researched several breeders across the country and found your program to be not only exceptional but also an excellent resource in the breed. You did not pressure us in buying just a dog but educated us on what your kennel and training program has accomplished. You not only answered all our questions thoroughly and with great patience, but you understood our home and experience and found the perfect dog for us.....Nicholas. Not only is he a beautiful dog but he is so smart it is intimidating!
Thank you again for providing us with this wonderful pup and your continued support ( no matter what time of day or concern we might have ) and guidance with Nick. When we decide to purchase another German Shepherd I have no hesitation in putting our trust in you and your kennel.

Morris and Sharon