August 31,2007

Dear Dorothy and Roger,

Don and I have owned German Shepherds for 27yrs., Sophie is our 4th. Each time we bought one we put more time and effort into selecting one with better breeding. When we lost Duffy our last one we began to do a lot of research which amazed us as to the volume of information there is about these incredible dogs.

Since we are approaching retirement age in a few years and since part of that time we planned to do Pet Therapy we knew we needed a very special dog. Having spent a lot of time at a Children’s hospital with my son and remembering how excited we would get when it was dog day, I knew someday that we would give back in the form of Pet Therapy.

During our search for a puppy we happened to see your website and read every word. We were very impressed with how much we learned from your site about the German Shepherd and delighted to learn that you lived just minutes away from where we live in Maine. We talked for a couple of hours at which time you explained more than I could ever imagine about your West German line. I learned more about them in that one conversation than I could have ever done on my own. The passion and devotion that both of you have for this breed is just pure love. We planned soon after that to purchase one of your pups and soon after we picked up Sophie who flew into Boston. I can’t remember being more excited than that day when I saw her in her crate. She sat in my lap all the way home just as sweet as could be.

It wasn’t very long before we realized that we may have owned German Shepherds before but Sophie was our first REAL German Shepherd. We were amazed then and still are at the difference overall from any other we have owned or met. Everything that you said was right on the money, the drive, the courage, the intelligence, the pigment, the ability to learn she’s got it all, and oh what a beauty, she turns heads and not in fear but in appreciation of her attractiveness.

At age 9 months and just returning from your home after a month of training and knowing how much love and attention you gave her we couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to more training at 15 months. We would be happy to discuss all of our experiences with future owners, feel free to pass on our email or phone #.

It is with great pleasure and confidence that we recommend both of you to anyone who is in the market for a German Shepherd and to congratulate you both on doing what is best for your dogs each and every time you place one. We have not only had the pleasure of meeting you but are thrilled that we will be in contact with you throughout Sophie’s life.

Our best regards,

Don & Diane Magnussen