November 28, 2007

Dear Roger and Dorothy,

It was great to finally meet you and Dorothy. I was initially impressed with your expertise and commitment to the breeding of German shepherds, when we discussed the possibility for me to acquire one of your puppies from your German breeding program.

After actually meeting you and Dorothy, I now know you are the real thing. I find your passion for the breeding and development of German shepherds inspiring. But, at a personal level I am even more appreciative of your enthusiasm to shore your experience and knowledge.

I am very pleased with my new puppy, Tora. She plays fearlessly with my 5 year old black & red male German shepherd. When I compare Tora to the 5-year old male, who by the way, is a great dog, I can see the difference. At 19 weeks, Tora’s reds are much deeper already. She exhibits great prey drive and intelligence. Tora is very affectionate and has claimed her spot in the family. She is and will be a great companion.

I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Again, thanks for everything.

Glenn Beebe Abbot, Maine