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Ok, so you touted the temperament... and I must say, she it is fantastic.

The second day here, at 8 weeks and one day she began climbing steps. Made it up one or two at first. Now, she can climb however many confronted with. Starting to go down as well. My last GSD took weeks to even try by herself. While she is being crate trained, she spends a great deal of time free in one of our salons daycare areas during the day -- penned in of course, and cries or makes a racket when she has to go to the bathroom. Has yet to just let it go. Sits unsolicited, and I can go on further.

While I have no intentions of pushing her at this young age, seems to grasp things shown or repeatedly spoken to her. I can see we will have a real gem here when training finally commences.

Those photos of her parents really are great. If she even remotely resembles their physiques it will be fantastic.

Anyway, figured I would fill you in on our little Monja. We have elected to call her Sabine however. A German derivative of the Italian Sabina.

Hope you and Dorothy have a great Memorial Day.



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