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From: Dane Kottke To: Roger and Dorothy
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 12:55 PM
Subject: Reference Letter

Roger and Dorothy,

Thank you so much for Mozart, a son of Queno and Wendy. You were right, when you said these are amazing animals. We've had Mozart for 3 weeks now, and he's already blended into our family. Its hard to think of what life was like before him. My kids, wife and I are very happy to have him in our house.

All your attention to breeding, temperament testing, proper nutrition, and training really do pay off. Your passion for German Shepherds was very clear from the first time we talked on the phone. You carefully answered my questions, gave me additional information, and followed up when you said you would. When we first came to visit you and Dorothy, we realized that we would be very hard pressed to find a better breeder. When we met your dog, Queno, we realized we wouldn't find a better father for our puppy. And now we have a prime example of your work and dedication: Mozart.

Mozart is a very curious and smart little fellow. He's not afraid of loud noises, new people, or other dogs. In fact, he seems very confident and accepting of new things, even though he's just a puppy. He picked up house and crate training very fast. After four days, we've been accident free. He also loves to learn new commands, while doing clicker training and positive re-enforcement.

We've had many good compliments about him from others. One of the vets at his animal clinic recognized him immediately as a high-line West German Shepherd and thought he was fantastic. The trainer at his puppy kindergarten said he was a wonderful little shepherd, meaning that he already was showing the loyalty and smarts of the breed. She also was knocked out by how quickly he was crate trained.

But I think the best thing is that he's become one with our family. The kids adore him, and my wife, who wasn't a big dog lover, thinks he's the greatest. They think I did a great job choosing your kennel, but you did all the work by making the right breeding choices and ensuring that Mozart would be the right puppy for us.

Thank you once again,

Dane Kottke
(and from Mary Kay, Christian, Hannah, and Ingrid too.)

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