Dear Roger and Dorothy,

October 15, 2006

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to give you a "Bauer" update. In short, he is everything we asked you for and everything you promised. Your reputation as the "match-maker" lives on. He has just the right amount of drive for us, very strong play and ball drive and good food drive. His temperament is unbelievable; self-confident, alert and lovable. We took great pains to socialize him, and we have absolutely no concerns regarding inappropriate aggressiveness.

We went to a training seminar given by a woman from Germany who recently moved into our area. There were about 15 German shepherds there from various regional breeders and some imports. Everyone was super impressed with Bauer’s conformation and temperament. He does his sit, down, stay, heel on and off the leash very well (for a 5-month old) as well as out. The trainer had a lot of very complimentary things to say about him, and she was pretty candid giving negative feedback on many of the other dogs. I was told that his grip was excellent with no shifting of the bite when doing rag work during the "play" session.

Physically he is outstanding. He is 5-and-a-half months now and basically done teething. He is about 60 lbs and lean. All of his joints, conformation and gait are faultless ... from a less than objective observer. We will begin Schutzhund training over the winter and look for conformation competition opportunities as they come-up. I have been lazy about pictures, but will send you a good one for your website soon. He is a credit to your import program. I am strongly considering asking you to look for an appropriate female companion for Bauer next spring.

Warm regards,

Joel and Susan

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