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From: Joel Gross
To: Roger Tortorella
Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2006 7:38 AM
Subject: a quick note.

Roger and Dorothy, we very much enjoyed meeting you and your tremendous dogs yesterday. It was wonderful day, and we are very excited about the arrival of our "little Odin" on Friday. It will be a very long week, filled with anticipation.

The insights and opportunities you have provided over the past week have strengthened and reaffirmed my commitment to maximizing our pups potential to be an outstanding example of your breeding and import program. Success has always been a hallmark of my endeavors throughout my life. And, I never ever been more confidant in the outcome, satisfaction and reward for us and your kennel's reputation than I am in this venture. Please pass this on to your partner to assure them that your investment in the breeding and placement of this dog will be returned not only in the awards won, but in the recognition and regard that will accrue to your program as well.

Warm regards,

Joel and Susan Gross

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