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Hello Roger and Dorothy,

Since the arrival of our puppy Sabine in May, we have had nothing but extraordinary experiences watching and participating in her development.

In the two-plus months we have had her, she has learned so much and ceases to amaze us in her desire for more. Not only does she epitomize the breed physically, but mentally as well. Kudos to you for emphasizing her "clear in the head" demeanor that your program strives for.

As you know she accompanies me to work everyday -- where she is exposed to dozens of people and dogs weekly. Her calm, yet confident demeanor speaks volumes as I am constantly reminded by my clients that both her beauty and personality are phenomenal.

When I found your site, it was after much research. Having had GSD's before, and might I add, not fully satisfied with either structure or behavior, I figured it was time to dial it up a notch and truly explore the West German Line of GSD's. Glad I did!

I admit, I was skeptical at first, especially procuring a dog sight unseen -- relying purely on criteria and traits described by me. While the photo of the pup was appealing, one must hope that the real McCoy lives up to expectations. Wow, does she. You and your partner did a wonderful job fitting Sabine with what I was looking for. Heck, at 10 weeks she was listening and following simple obedience commands. Now at 18 weeks, we are doing light tracking, bite play etc. in preparation for her entry into the sport of Schutzhund.

In closing let me say thanks. Not only for the outstanding little girl we have added to our family, but for staying involved in helping me better understand Schutzhund, products and more.

Best regards as always,

Gerard Schaffner

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