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Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2006 1:37 PM
Subject: Re: gERMAN sHEPHERD DOG Venezuela Larus Batu Daughter


I contacted Roland Rodriguez Ertl, and its casual, he was trying to contact me in the past but my e mail was canceled and he never found me.

Today we were together, we spoke a lot, we work a litle with Zarin and my Patton, and we were teaching him some tricks for increasing prey insticts and Bite work game.

Roland is very esthusiastic and he enjoyed our meeting.

I congratulate Roland and I told him that you must to be a really honest and right person, because you sold to him Zarin, she is proved high quality female dog, for conformation shows, for Schutzhund (very happy for bite work and instincts, and 100% free of behavior problems ). Very nice forehand reaching in movement, high withers, etc.

In this GSD world is very easy to find people without scruples and with bad intentions.

But you are a right breeder, right seller and GSD friend, and I must to congratulate about this.

Sorry my english, But I hope that you can understand what I try to say.

Thanks for your "contact Bridge" between Roland and us, and we will show you the progress of Zarin in the future, we will helping Roland with Zarin.

Ahhh, pictures of Zarin 26 February 2006 click

Best regards

Eduardo Monroy

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