December 3, 2005

Dear Roger & Dorothy,

We would like to thank you for helping us to find Reinhardt. He is an exceptional puppy. He is intelligent and has an outstanding personality. When we first located your website and contacted you we appreciated how much time and knowledge of German Shepherds that you have. For over 30 years we have owned, raised and trained German Shepherds. We have personally owned ten shepherds and have helped train many more. There is a great difference in German Lines, especially to be mentally sound.

We have always had the German Lines for their strict breeding guidelines (number one to be temperament, which makes training an easier task. Emphasis on good structure, health, character and pigment. After loosing our last Shepherd in September we were very fortunate to find Roger of Von Himmel . We are very impressed with his knowledge and commitment to a mentally and physically sound dog and program. He spent as much time as needed to answer all our questions and are impressed with his commitment and experience. We purchased Reinhardt at 8 weeks and we are extremely impressed with his excellent temperament, health, structure and confirmation. He is very trainable and intelligent. He fits in perfect to our family needs and also with our grandchildren. We highly recommend Von Himmel (Roger & Dorothy) to anyone that is serious in purchasing a top quality dog, which is important to the future of the breed and the new owner. We would also like to thank Roger’s colleagues in Germany who socialize and evaluate the puppies from time of birth to shipping to USA (very important). This also helps in choosing the right puppy to fit the owner’s needs. In our case we needed a dog, which would be good with family, friends, children and the right temperament to be trained easily for Shutzhund training. Roger and his trainers have provided us with exactly what we wanted which is also important. Roger has been wonderful and keeps us informed of all new natural food products and supplements for good health and endurance throughout the dog’s life.

Many thanks to Roger & Dorothy and their colleagues in Germany for the great job that they are doing and their commitment and devotion of the breed.

Best wishes,
Judith & Robert Dempsey
Natick, Massachusetts

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