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From: Chelsea Hash
To: rogeranddorothy
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 1:34 PM
Subject: Thank you again

Dear Roger and Dorothy Tortorella,

I cannot express how rewarding an experience working with you has been. When I first approached you I had no concept of the process that surrounds finding and bringing a dog from Germany. You explained all of the issues and I came to understand what my options were and the possible results. Beyond just the process, you told me your own stories and experiences working with the GSD breed and it was easy to see how much you wanted to help me find a great dog to be my companion and sport partner.

In the following months you kept in contact with me as I was preparing for the arrival. I really appreciate the level of personal contact as you called me to keep me up to date on events as they happened in Germany. On the day I picked up my puppy from the airport you called to make sure she got there, and continued to send encouraging and informative e-mails as she acclimated to my home.

Senta is 7 months old now and has been everything I ever hoped for in a dog. I had been attending Schutzhund without a dog for a year before getting her and it was so exciting taking her out on the field for the first time. Having taken a break over the winter to finish school, my Schutzhund club member were ecstatic to see me drive up with my own pup to work. It didn't stop at the greeting and since I returned with my dog she has never failed to impress.

Senta has taken naturally to all 3 parts of Schutzhund. On her first track she kept her nose down and found the article and has continued to make progress since, always downing and now progressing to longer tracks with turn. I have been able to enjoy obedience with her as she is highly play motivated and responds very well to positive reinforcement. That said protection is definitely her favorite event. From day one she had a hard bite on the jute and courageous interaction with the agitators. By our third visit she was barking on command and ready for courage tests. We did a shorter courage test and after the agitator charged she took off after him, making a flying leap to bite the puppy sleeve. Unfortunately the agitator running back expecting to need to encourage her to chase and you could hear the clear snap of her teeth as she bit the air. Unfazed she landed and went after him again.

Senta has been a joy off the field as well, integrating into our menagerie. She's made friend with the cats and watches our caged pets. She took to crate training with no fuss and has never had an accident it. She was completely house broken in less than a month and is so well behaved she's welcome at our office. She even helped a co-worker get over a fear of big dogs because he was able to watch her grow and be the same stable animal she was at 12 weeks and 18 pounds as 7 months and 60 pounds. I've had no problems with fear or aggression towards other dogs or unwarranted aggression towards people.

There's no other way to put it, Senta has been a dream. Despite some turmoil I've had at work and home, much reducing my free time she's handled it well and helped me handle it. The need to walk and work the dog has be a great source of relief and fun. I can't wait to begin attending trials ans confirmation shows, and hope to begin putting titles on her in the coming year.

Thank you again for all your support.

Chelsea and Tim

-- Reve

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