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Roger has substantial expertise regarding the high-line West German shepherds. He provided answers to all questions I had about his dogs in extensive detail and with great patience when I initially contacted him about his German Shepherd Dogs. In conversations with him it showed that he takes great pride in his Hi-line German Shepherd Dogs and gives them the best care possible. I've seen his dogs and they are the most beautiful and well behaved German Shepherd Dogs I've ever seen. Recently I purchased one of his puppies and her name is Binka. She is now ten weeks old, she is beautiful, has a super personality, is easily trained, an absolute delight and brings great joy to my life every day. I feel very lucky and proud to have her as part of my family. Since I've had Binka home with me, Roger has provided timely, reassuring and supportive assistance when I've contacted him with any concerns about Binka's care. If I chose to purchase another dog in the future it would definitely be from Zwinger Von Himmel. For me, there isn't any reason to buy a German Shepherd Dog elsewhere.

Chantal Chentrell

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