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Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2005 2:54 PM
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Dear Von Himmel:

I am so glad I found your ad in Dog Fancy magazine, I always subscribe to. What a unique web site, best I've ever seen. I was very impressed. I knew right then this was not your first barbecue. This was a breeder that knows his dogs. Once I phoned Von Himmel, I knew Roger right from the start was a very respectable person that knows dogs.

Roger explained the differences between a American German Shepherd which I have always had, and a German, German Shepherd. He took his time so I would understand.

He also explained the differences in foods. I always feed my other dogs Iams, but after learning about By Products, I knew I would be buying Innova and now switching to Wellness. I am so glad Roger keeps me up to date on diet recommendations. He is the best breeder I know. He cares. Mezzo also eats tunafish, cottage cheese, green beans, carrots, and potatoes.

My family and I have always had German Shepherd girls. But this one, Mezzo, stands out from the rest. He is a beauty. He's outspoken, very protective, loves kids, loves to play ball and shake paws. I will say I will be glad when he's done teething, he has sharp teeth. I will be sending you some pictures soon.

I want to thank you again. Mezzo is the best. We all love him very much.

Sylvia Ball
Lancaster, NH

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