Dear Roger,
I wish to thank you and von Himmel Kennels for your superb breeding of my "Orbit von Huhnegrab " son. When my family and I were on vacation in the state of Colorado, we noticed how many people had dogs and did many activities with them. I started to wish that I had a dog of my own that would be versatile enough to do things with. That's when I came across your website. You guys have been great. You have a passion that you don't see too often in many breeders. You are always willing to talk and answer any questions I might have. Thank you for that.

About my dog, from the moment he came into our house he started to show what he was all about. Though he was only three months old at the time, if he heard a strange noise in the house he would bark (a bark that made you take notice) also he would let you know when he needs to be let out. And what a people stopper he is. We feel we were walking around with a Hollywood Celebrity. People stop dead in there tracks to ask me about him all the time. He's beautiful and he's as big as he is handsome. He is only eleven months old and is weighing up at 87 pounds already. He takes after his father Orbit .

As of late, I also put him in an academy were they also do police K-9 training called " US K-9 Academy and Police Dog Training Center". They do the training for DEA, Customs, Police, Explosives etc... He learned his basic German commands there and he has done great. When he turns around a year and a half I will then have him evaluated for protection work. If we are as impressed with him in this short time we have him, I could only imagine what the future holds.

Thank you again. We highly recommend Von Himmel Kennels.