Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 21:26:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: my experiences with von Himmel
To: [email protected]

Dear Roger and Dorothy,

I wanted to write you some lines regarding my doing business with Zwinger von Himmel. First of all, Roger does business in a professional manner from start to finish. From my first phone conversation with him I could tell that he knows German Shepherds very thoroughly. He was willing to discuss them at length. His dogs and the lines he uses are absolutely first class. He is a perfectionist in a very positive way. His word is his bond. He taught me that quality does not cost. Instead, it pays.

I have purchased four dogs from him. The first two are puppies: the Dux puppy and the Ustinov puppy. These two puppies are maturing nicely and are beautiful dogs. I have bought Tango, a one year old male who is being trained for Schutzhund in Germany, with Roger's professional team of trainers. I have also purchased Picasso, a three year old male, who has been titled in every way possible. He is such a competent dog in competition. He lives with me in my home and he is a wonderful pet. He will be used for stud service here in the United States. He is a noble dog without any vices. It is such a pleasure owning him. He is a dog with silent greatness. I consider it a privilege owning a von Himmel dog, because Roger screens his buyers carefully and wants a continued connection with the dogs he sells, long after the purchase.

I have been treated very well by Roger, Dorothy and von Himmel. I am very happy and appreciative of the experiences dealing with von Himmel; I would recommend them.

Paul Klopfenstein
307 East Dooley St.
Downs, IL 61736