From: Deb Osmond
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2012 4:38 PM
To: 'Don Osmond'
Subject: Susi


Sorry for the delay in responding.

Sophie is doing very well. We couldn't imagine life without her. She eats very well and gets along with our smaller dog and cat. Sophie is the sweetest young lady. She has her kennel in the bedroom but seldom uses it. We put her bed near our chairs in the bedroom and that's where she's usually at. If we leave and walk into another room she'll follow us but after she checks the room out she'll go back to the bedroom and lie down on her bed.

She knows all her commands and obeys very well. We work with her daily so she doesn't forget anything. Though she loves people and going outside to play she lives in the house. She loves riding in the car and sits on her bed in the back of the SUV and just watches people go by when we stop.

We searched for over a year for the right shepherd and I think we all agree that the wait was worth it. She is the perfect dog for us; loving, obedient, alert and loyal.

We were going to send you pictures from Halloween but Sophie wasn't sure about the Halloween decorations. We go all out in decorating for the fall holidays. The big turkey for Thanksgiving was ok but we wanted to wait to send you Christmas pictures. After our daughter's riding lesson today we finally got the camera and took some pictures.

Please don't worry about Sophie. She's very healthy and happy. We absolutely adore her and if you ever come through Charlotte, NC let us know.

Happy Holidays,
Don and Deb