Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2014 20:37:18 +0000
From: "Hernan, Miguel" [email protected]

These photos were taken earlier today.

Rumbo has become another member of the family. He is such a nice guy who has never been mean to anybody (human or canine). He comes with us everywhere---from the woods to the subway---and is not scared of anything. Everybody who meets him falls in love with him. People who love German shepherds comment on how handsome and masculine looking he is.

Interestingly, we had no idea how much stigma German shepherds have in this country. In Europe where we grew up, these dogs are viewed as loyal, calm, intelligent, beautiful companions and perfect family dogs. In the US many people view German shepherds as aggressive and dangerous dogs. Several dog owners who were initially wary of letting their dogs play with Rumbo have then told me “What a wonderful dog, he does not behave like a typical German shepherd”. To what I respond “On the contrary, this kind of behavior is exactly what you expect from a well-bred German shepherd”.

Thank you