To: Roger Tortorella
From: Michael Gordon
Re: Five-Month-Old Male German Shepard Pup

We have owned German Shepard dogs for over 30 years and will not own any other breed. I would venture to say, I thought myself a bit of an expert, until I landed on the Zwinger Von Himmel site. The photos of the German Shepard dogs, and my subsequent conversation with Roger instinctively told I have to attain a dog from Zwinger Von Himmel. Roger listened to me quite carefully, asked questions about the family our experience with German Shepard's and based on said conversation sent me photos of a red & black 5-month-old pup, the pup was absolutely amazing. I immediately agreed to purchase the pup and when he arrived, WOW! The pup's temperament is remarkable, great with kids (we have 2 small children), obedient and super drive!!
Within two weeks time, I called Roger and asked if he could offer us another pup, I have since purchased a 3.5 month male pup, haven't seen him yet, but the photos Roger provided demonstrate a German Shepard with the exact characteristics we were looking for.
I would strongly recommend Zwinger Von Himmel to my friends and family members. Roger is always available to answer tough questions and silly ones as well. A testament to his belief in his German Shepard's Dogs and devotion to helping clients like me help the pups adjust to their new homes.

Michael Gordon