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Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 18:06:22 -0600
From: Mat Eilerts
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Roger, I have sad news about my husband Mat. Last week Jan. 6, he had been exercising with a trainer and collapsed and passed away. Mat thought a lot about you and he was so proud of his dog Oskar. We were working on his training just in the past 3 weeks. Oskar is lost without his “Daddy” but he is being a protector of me. After I get all of the things that need to be done now, I will start over with his training. I cannot thank you and Dorothy enough for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives. I want to make Mat proud of the potential Oskar has. I have some pictures and I will send them later of our Christmas this past year. Mat always wanted the best and that is what made him so proud of Oskar. I still don’t have Oskar’s respect, because he bonded primarily with Mat. We will get there. Last summer, Mat wanted to take a trip to Maine so you could see him, I blew him off because of costs. I wish he could have made that trip. I just wanted to let you know because he was so happy having this little boy. I may be contacting in the future if I have question’s.

Thank you Roger for giving Mat this beautiful animal, he was a very proud master of Oskar for the last 8 months of his life.

My very best,
Tami Eilerts