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Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 04:57:57 -0400
From: Marisa
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Subject: Hello Roger!
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Hey Roger,

I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back with you I have had a lot going on with my daughter and her surgery. Now, on to Ruger. He is honestly the BEST dog I have ever had!!!!

I have him in obedience and shutzhund training and he excels in everything. In fact both trainers have offered to steal him from me lol. I take him with me just about everywhere and he does so well with people and seems to be fearless. The ONLY time I have seen him switch into aggressive mode was when he just turned four months old and a man I had arrested previously approached me when I was walking with my daughter. I couldn't have been more happy with him, obviously he knew that man was no good and was protecting his family even as a puppy!!

I have to tell you Roger you picked the perfect dog for me just like you promised. While he is still in his puppy stage, loves to play and excels with his drive on the field, he is such a good family dog! My three year old lays on him, watches tv with him and feeds him. He is so smart and intuitive its just amazing and while he is a natural at bite work he is so gentle with Makenna. In fact it's hilarious to watch them together. She will take his food bowl away and make him sit or down then give him his food piece by piece after he performs a trick each time.

This pup is so much a part of my family now and I just want to thank you. I have had such bad experiences in the past with fear aggressive and unconfident animals I seriously considered not getting another one. I will try and send more pics and updates now that things have slowed down. Please use me for a reference to anyone who needs one!

Thank you Roger! Oh..... And thank you for all the return calls and hours upon hours of answering questions and advice.