August 29, 2012

Dear Roger,

I am sorry it took some time to write this letter of appreciation for selling us two of the best dogs we ever owned. First, we got Castro. He was about one year of age when you shipped him to us from Germany. Since day one, he has been loyal, caring and very aware of his responsibilities guarding our acre-plus house here in Miami. We trust Castro with small children and everyone in the neighborhood loves him and respects him. Our female GS, Issy, died early this year and we decided to buy another GS from you.

We went for a puppy and you advised us to get BONO. He came from Germany as well at the age of two months. At first he was just a big ball of hair, but you could tell he had a personality. Well, BONO is now 5 months, he is almost as big as Castro and we SIMPLY LOVE HIM. My wife adores him because he is really a troublemaker, and he is always looking for ways to call attention. Roger, we are a very private family and our dogs are really part of us. I sincerely thank you for being honest, professional and especially cooperative in getting our dogs for us. We will retire to our summer home in Vermont in 5 years and the first thing I will do is to call you to get one more dog from you. I know you will deliver the best dog for our needs and if you ever retire please make sure whoever gets your business continues to treat people with dignity.

THANK YOU for being there for us and please post this on your website.

Mario M. Lovo, Esq.