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Subject: Beowulf
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 18:14:47 -0400
From: Marcia [email protected]
To: "[email protected]"

Hello Roger,

Last October I lost a 3 year old male , Oskar, who was one of those dogs that you have a special bond with. I was devastated. Fortunately I also had another wonderful 11 year old, Nina, who I had worked with and titled who helped me through the loss. At first I did not think I would get another dog, but I really wanted a young dog to work with. I have had 5 GSDs and love working with them. They are smart, rewarding to work with and true companions. For several reasons I did not want to go to the breeder I had previously used, so began researching kennels. That is how I found Roger. We spoke at great length about my experience and what I hoped to find in a pup. Roger was very thorough and helped me think through exactly what I wanted in a dog. At first I was a bit uncertain about buying a pup sight unseen from someone I had not met, but was reassured by our conversations and the reviews. And so Beowulf arrived. He has excellent confirmation and an impressive pedigree with several well known German Schutzhnd dogs in his lineage. Wulfie is also a spectacularly handsome pup. At 6 months you can see the adult dog that he will grow to be.

Immediately (after a bath) when he arrived he seemed right at home and settled right in. Wulfie is a happy and willing dog and is training really well. He is curious, athletic and not intimidated when meeting dogs, horses or people or new places. He is a great companion when we go walking out in the woods yet still well behaved walking around town. He is a confident guy ready for whatever comes his way. His obedience is pretty solid for a pup and he is about to begin some protection work. I am looking forward to spending a long time with Wulfie and continuing to work with him.

Thank you, Roger, for making this connection between Wulfie and me.

All the best, Marcia