Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 09:54:49 -0700
From: Lori Kinkade
Subject: RE: Rapi
To: [email protected]
Hi Roger,

Rapi is our families second Von Himmel German Shepherd. She is (not to brag) the most beautiful dog in the world. But what is even more incredible about her is her brains and personality. With three children in a rural area in Maine we needed a watch dog and watch dog she is. She thinks our children are her puppies and keeps watch over all of them like a diligent mother. When there was a rash of break-ins in our neighborhood, I slept well at night and never worried about our house when we weren't at home. She is better than any alarm system – no thief could ever get past our girl! But what makes her even more amazing is that she has the brains and temperment to know who is a threat and who is a friend. Alot of people when they first see her are terrified and I have to explain that she is no fear biter - (I actually want to say she is smarter than most people- but keep that thought to myself!)

We had spoken to several breeders before we luckily called Roger. From the first conversation, I knew he was the person we had to work with. His passion and knowledge for the breed was astounding. When we first met he and Dorothy and their amazing dogs, we understood what he meant by "the difference is obvious". Our children now look at other German Shepherds not Von Himmel quality and say "those aren't German Shepherds – those are American Shepherds!"

The work that Roger and his Von Himmel team is inspiring. With their knowledge and care plus years of experience they have literally created the perfect bloodline of German Shepherds. Anyone who loves the breed would be LUCKY to have a Von Himmel German Shepherd.


Lori Kinkade
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