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Sent: Friday, September 04, 2009 10:34 AM
Subject: Gilla

Hello Roger and Dorothy!

I just wanted to send you an undated "Thanks!". Gilla has been with us now for over a year. She is simply amazing. This summer we had numerous guests with small children and even babies stay over and Gilla impressed everyone. My sister came with her baby to stay with us and as a child suffered a brutal attack by a German Shepherd. She was a little apprehensive in meeting Gilla. Needless to say Gilla was completely and utterly respectful and my sister was truly enamored of Gilla within the first day. It really meant alot to me that she can now put behind her a terrifying event in her life and realize how kind and respectful a German Shepherd can be. Gilla is a vital part of our family and I simply cannot imagine our lives without her. Again, we just wanted to let you both know how very thankful we are for Gilla, she is quite simply the most perfect dog in every way!


The Ingersoll Family