Dear Roger my Letter - 2-21-2020

I'mm writing this to anyone with or without a family (we have lots of grandchildren) that our looking and want a only a Great dog in their lives. I whole heartaly believe the German Shepherd is the most Awesome Majnefic breed of dog, that there is. Our dog Omar that my husband 66 with Parkensin's Diease and I am retired at 62 years old. And we only wanted the Best GS dog possible and Roger Tortorella answered our prayers and placed us with a gorgeous 2 1/2 year ol Red/Black male. Omar has more then passed all of our expectations. Him temperament, gentleness and was so loyal to us immediality even when he arrived off the plane being in a crate for 13 hours.

Contact Roger if you wanting only the Best GS to be a part of your life and be a best friend. Roger fits the exact dog for your wants and needs. You can and should completely trust Roger. You'll be so pleased and rewarded for the dog he chooses fro you.


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Subject: Re: Judy and Omar
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 16:23:00 -0700
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I'll try not to ramble lol, though be very hard because We can't say Enough to tell the World how perfect a dog Omar is and how you picked him for Us. Omar and Bill and Judy Sent from my iPhone

On Mon, 17 Feb 2020 12:16:10 -0700, Judy Phillips wrote:

Hello Roger, I apologize for not keeping you updated on our Fabulous Omar, he's the Best. I'll send letter and pictures and mail on Wednesday when we go to town and take Omar to our Bible study.

Omar is Totally Amazing and Bill and I just Love him so Very Much, be assured that We are giving him the Very Best Home and Omar is so Important to Us.

Sincerely, Judy Phillips

You Obviously raise only the Very Best Quality and Temperamentally sound minded GS dogs.

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On Thu, 30 Jan 2020 10:01:39 -0700, Judy Phillips wrote:

Good morning Roger, yes Omar is Doing Fabulous You placed Us if the very best dog, he has Passed All our expectations.

Last Saturday we gave him a Oatmeal bath, he was great we can tell he's had many. We wanted him to be clean since we toke him to Church with us. He was Excellent, Perfect.

Everyone was so impressed with him.

Omar went to a Gorgeous home, very wealthy friends (all white furniture n marble etc floors with white rugs) home were we have our Bible study.

Next week we will start going to the Rec Center and we -Bill will walk Omar in Huge indoor track.

The pictures I sent were only minutes and hours old owning our answer and Blessing from God, Fantastic family member.

Thank you so much for Entrusting us with your beloved dog.

Sincerely, Bill & Judy Phillips

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