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Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2012 22:36:54 +0000
From: John Pottinger
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We have been very happy with our beloved GSD. We had to drive several hours to get him, and we loved him from the first. He was obviously tired from an intercontinental flight, but when he saw me he put his eight week pay against the cage grate to say hello, and he has been one of our family since. We have five children from age 15 to 5, and he has bonded with all of them.

"Wolfgang" has been fearless from the very start. I have a lesser quality GSD whom we love dearly, but the difference in pedigree is dramatic. For example, although I have convinced Wolfgang to give me some space when running a chain saw, he was absolutely willing to go after my running chain saw and we had to put him in the house out of fear he would bite the running blade. Thunder that would send my other GSD "Misty" into tremors Wolfagang does not seem to even notice.

There was time when he was so seemingly oblivious to loud noices I feared he was hard of hearing! He learns very quickly. He learned how to fetch and retrieve in two short lessons and now gets very energetic whenever he sees me pick up a ball. At seven months, the sound of his gallop and drive on the ball is striking. When we throw it, I can't help but marvel at the drive he has. When engage in this activity, his attitude is "no treats, --only ball--no treats --only ball" --very little will take him off task.

He is becoming more of a guard dog at eight months. We had an alarm repair technician over this week (only my wife and kids were home) Wofly was very protective and stayed very focused on my wife and this man. He reached suddenly into his pocket and Wolfy "protested severely." He did not like that screwdriver--at all. He asked if Wolfy was a trained guard dog. Wolfy not had one iota of training in this regard other than an occasional "good boy" when he alerts on unusal happenings. Even at this age, his bark sounds like serious business. I have friends who have dogs who are less focused and attentive, and I do not notice how good our Wolfy really is until I see them struggling to get their dogs to obey.

Wolfy is at a point were he is really maturing rapidly. We look forward to all the ways he continues to come into his own. I would not hesitate to recommend Zwinger von Himmel to anybody wanting a high quality GSD.

John from Kentucky