To: Zwinger Von Himmel, World Class German Shepherd Breeder/Importer
Co: Roger Torterella

Hello Roger, I hope this letter finds you in good health,

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my experiences with Zwinger Von Himmel and Roger Torterella. My wife and I had decided to bring a dog into our family and wanted to choose a breed that would be a good family pet an guardian. After looking over the numerous breeds and researching them we decided on the German Shepherd and wanted the best of the best which in my opinion would have to come from Germany. After three months of looking over different breeders we decided to call Zwinger Von Himmel, World Class German Shepherd Breeder/Importer. I called the number on the web site www.zwingervonhimmel.com and Roger answered the phone, I told him my name and where I was calling from, and explained to him that I was looking for a family pet as well as a dog that would be a good protector. We talked on the phone for about an hour about his dogs, organization, experience etc, I told Roger I was looking for a male and he told me about a dog named Nick which was about a year old and would be exactly what I was looking for, we finished up our conversation and I told him I would call him the next day on my decision. After my conversation with Roger I thought to myself, he must have a P.H.D in German Shepherd, and I knew this was the place to purchase a family pet from. I called Roger the next morning and told him I wanted Nick, he gave me the instructions for payment and once he received the transfer in a couple days he would call with the flight and terminal number for the Airport in Toronto. Two days later I received a call from roger with all the information regarding the flight and pick up time, I told roger I will call from the airport once I pick up Nick. One week later my wife and I are off to the Toronto airport to pick up Nick, we got to the cargo section of the Airport and there was the crate with our beautiful German Shepherd Nick. I opened the crate door an out he comes full of energy licking our faces ready to play, we took him over to the grass let him do his business stretch out his legs for about 45 minutes then walked him over to our SUV. My wife opened the rear hatch and he jumped in and laid down. I called Roger and thanked him for the dog and to let him know that everything went the way he said it would, we talked for a few more minutes and we headed home. When we go home our daughter come running out to see her new dog, Nick jumped out licked her face and they have been best buds since, The next day we were all by the pool sitting on the deck with Nick, our daughter jumped in the pool and Nick let out a yelp and went in after her swimming towards her, after ,we got them both out of the pool I held on to Nick while she jumped in the pool a couple times. Each time she jumped in Nick would try to go in after her again, once he figured out that she was ok he just sat at the edge of the pool watching her like a hawk. I called roger after that to let him know what had happened, and he says “that’s their instinct” laughing a bit, I said you could never put a price on what Nick had just done, Over the next six months Nick continued to impress us every day he is a well trained and well mannered dog. After three months of having Nick I called a German Shepherd breeder who is about an hour away from us and told her that I have a German Shepherd that I got from Germany and wanted to further Nicks training with her, she was interested to see the dog and drove down to our house. As soon as she saw Nick she was stunned at how “finely tuned” he was , she asked to see the pedigree and the pink papers, after she read it over she says, you have the best of the best, I have never seen a dog as “high end” as yours, and she has been breeding German Shepherds for 20 years. Six months after having Nick he was so perfect in every way we decided to get another dog. I called Roger, he answered the phone and I said “Roger its Jason From Canada and I need another dog”, he laughed for a bit and I told him I wanted a female that would be compatible for Nick, he said leave it with me for a couple days I will go over my files on the female dogs and call my trainers in Germany and well will get the perfect match for Nick. Two days later Roger called back and said “we have your perfect match her name is Dana she is 8 months old”, I looked at the pictures of her and said ill take her, the money is on its way. Two days later Roger called with the flight information and a week later we drove to Toronto and picked her up, everything worked as smoothly as it had for Nick. Dana is as much perfect as Nick she settled into our family very quickly and continues to impress us every day just like Nick.

Thank you Roger for placing such two beautiful German Shepherds in our family, and again, thank you for all you help and advice when I would call you when I had questions regarding our dogs.

In Peace, Jason and Tara, Ontario Canada
Thanks Again Roger