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Hi Roger,
How are you? I have not checked in with you in a while, it occurred to me to write and let you know how Jake and I are doing.

Jake will be 10 years old this year and he is in fine condition. I had him to the vet recently, he said that Jake is in great shape and most importantly his hips and hind end are still very strong. He wanted me to continue to get Jake as much exercise as possible. His overall health is wonderful.

Jake is the greatest dog there is! It is absolutely amazing how he understands what I say to him as I speak to him as a human being. We never need to use a leash. He is also good with other dogs. He loves going for rides and when I free him from a sit before he runs out he likes to run circles around the car. He has his own place in the rear seat and one of my favorite things is to be stopped at traffic lights with his head out of the window. He especially enjoys our Home Depot trips. No leash needed for Jake, he heels beautifully next to me and when people see us first they look at him, then they look at me and then back to Jake. When we exit Home Depot my head is usually swollen with pride. Jake is an absolute carrot maniac which has become his favorite treat. I can set a steak down on a coffee table with confidence Jake would never go near it he is just so well behaved. Jake is great around children and I have neighbors who trust him completely. He is also very clean and never would think of going to the bathroom in the house.

Thanks again for connecting me with him, he has been a huge part of my life and is my best friend.

Regards, Ron Barr & Jake