Dear Roger and Dorothy,
It has been about three months now that Cayuga has joined our family and he is an absolutely beautiful and wonderful treasure. Everything you told us about the temperament and intelligence of your puppies has been so true. He is a very calm and intelligent dog and we are amazed and his character and beauty.

Everyone from our vet to our friends are impressed by his disposition and beauty and we certainly want to thank both you and Dorothy for the time you spent with us in placing Cayuga within our family.

My favorite time of the day are the very early morning hours I get to spend with him playing in the yard and watching his beautiful gait. He picks up things very quickly and was easily house trained and we rarely have to tell him things more than once before he picks it up. Although we wish we could spend more time doing formal training we are socializing him and getting him very comfortable with his surroundings.

When we lost our first German Shepherd Dog it took a very long time for us to get another. Building trust with a breeder and finding the right match was a venture that took us a long time to come around to and we feel very fortunate to have found your kennel and appreciate the dedication and professionalism that you bring to this wonderful breed.

We look forward to many years of friendship and excited about keeping in contact and sharing stories throughout Cayuga’s life. If anyone is considering purchasing a puppy from your program both Mimi and I would be more than happy to serve as a reference at any time.

All our best wishes, The Jacaruso Family