To Roger,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your trainers.

I visited many websites and phoned many breeders, and I found myself attracted to “ZWINGER VON HIMMEL” German Shepard’s. When I emailed Roger for the first time (June 2007) he immediately introduced me to his current litters.

At the time I replied too late and had missed the current litter.

After this I had lost contact with him for a few months. What I found very professional was that Roger always kept me updated and telling me what pups are available.

Roger always had the trust in assuring me that he only selects the best puppies for his clients, he always kept me updated on the litters and puppies he had available.

I found working with Roger very professional and he still keeps the professionalism till after the sales, this was one of the things that really impressed me!

I was very excited about my new puppy, my puppy arrived on the 18 July 2008, he has been with me for almost four weeks now and he has very excellent colour he has a wonderful temperament and is very typical of his father, he is an awesome puppy he has brought great joy to my family and I and I think he will continue to bring joy in the month and years to come. He has excellent drive self assurance and is very energetic, he also does not easily take no for an answer and he continues till he gets what he wants, this is what makes me so attracted to this puppy and I want to take the opportunity to thank-you for assuring this great puppy with me I will keep my comments updated as the puppy grows.

I will go with what an old friend taught me “You look at a puppy when it’s 8 weeks and then again at one year old."

Kind Regards

Mr I. Erasmus