From: Ingersoll family
Date: 2008/08/26 Tue PM 03:24:50 EDT
To: [email protected]

Hello Roger and Dorothy, Well we have had Gilla for about 3 months now.  She is an absolute treasure.  Really, from the moment we picked her up from the airport we have been amazed.  There has not been one single moment in which she has shown indecision, fear or timidity.  We defiantely tested that when on the first night we accidently set off our alarm at 2am and she came to my side and simply sat down!  We were more paniced than her! What can we say that would adequately describe Gilla?  She is calm, curious, open to anything new, mindful, respectful, intelligent and just a sweet girl!  We still remeber you and Dorothy inviting our family to visit with you both and meeting your shepherd Queno.  Queno wass so striking and his eyes, his eyes were so intelligent and alert, we all  wanted to take him home right than and there.  Well, our Gilla is exactly the same her eyes are just as amazing.  Everyone that sees her is simply amazed by her intellect and disposition.  We literally have to "tell" her something one time and she understands and will act accordingly. Roger and Dorothy, from the very bottom of our hearts, Thank You, We simply could not imagine our family without Gilla.  We apperciate the hours you spent with us. And yes we would have to say you are the perfect matchmaker! 

Fondly, Tyler, Kim, Bryce and Dianna Ingersoll