Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 08:28:42 -0400
From: Gerhard Heck
Reply-To: Gerhard Heck

Dear Roger,
Hello there hope all is well. Just yesterday I thought of you and was thinking of sending you some additional photos, but got lazy in the midst of a very busy day. Reiko is the best, he has become accustom to us and our active lives and is always there to participate. He goes every where we go and loves the car, so much that it is hard to walk by the car without him stopping hoping to get in. We love him and are so happy with all aspects of him. We cant go anywhere without getting compliments on how beautiful he is, and he gets along with and enjoys playing with other dogs so well. Even when they get rough he stays calm and just goes on as normal. Love to see that. We continue to make a effort to keep him well socialized with other dogs. So in conclusion he is a wonderful addition to the family and I could not picture life without him already.

Thanks so much,