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Date: Thur, 6 Sept 2012

Dear Roger,

Thanks for taking the time to be so personable and picking a great dog for our family. Ever since we picked our GSD from the airport, we have been pleased. It was a long ride from the airport to home. What normally would have been a 45 minute ride became a nearly two hour ride due to rush hour traffic in the Washington metropolitan area, but Prince took it like a champ by alternating sleeping in my lap and the cargo section of the SUV.

Prince is now close to six months old and he loves to travel. We live in Washington, DC. Prince has been to farms in North Carolina and Canada. He travels well and while on the farms he loved running in the wide open space. Often while we are walking him or just out and about, people take notice and ask where we got him. Even law enforcement and veterans stop to enquire about Prince. One veteran said Prince reminded him of the GSD who saved his life more than one time in Vietnam. Many people comment on his show stance and the quality of this dog based on his appearance. Prince is lovable, strong and playful. He has been a source of pride and joy for all of us. I have taught him some basic commands which he quickly learned. We will soon go through formal obedience training with the whole family and I can't wait to see how Prince will excel.

Roger, you have been there for us every step of the way. From questions about our veterinarian, how to discipline, food and teething, you have given me excellent advice. Giving Prince a marrow bone to help with his teething was one of your best tips! This indeed satisfies his need to chew and keeps him engaged for hours. Being there for me for the life of my GSD, Prince is a true testament to your professionalism, confidence and love for your dogs. Thank you for your continued help and knowledgeable advice.

Best regards,
Denise Fleet