Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 14:27:43-0800
From: William Ebert
Subject: Re: Maffay arrived
To:"[email protected]"


Maffay arrived yesterday as planned. When we first went to get him out of his create he was very happy to hear his name and was wagging his tail like you said he would do.  We put our hands in the create and he licked us all over like you said he would.  We took him for a walk and a long awaited pee. Then for some water then loaded him up for the ride home. He was a great passenger in the car and seemed to enjoy it. When we got home we showed him around. Then feed him, boy was he happy to get something to eat. We then spent the next few hours of sun light playing ball and getting to know each other.  We all went to bed early, he went into his create next to our bed. We all tossed and turned a little getting use to each other's new sounds.  I am sitting in my front yard, the sun is out and it's 70 degrees here in California   And Maffay seems so happy hear. We are sure to become best friends.

Thank you so much you couldn't have picked a better dog for us.

We will keep you updated. And thanks again.

Bill Ebert