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From: Debby
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Subject: Photo of hand feeding dinner to our beautiful pair
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Dear Roger, Here is a photo of hand feeding our Zwinger Von Himmel GSD pair dinner on Day 2 of our new female being home. No fighting or growling ~ just beautiful behavior. Thank you for sending us two such beautiful intelligent GS Dogs! We are re-naming Jenny - Rainee as it means Queen and she is so regal and elegant. She surely is a Queen! Our big male formerly Joseph is very responsive to Oberon. The King in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. So now we have our King and Queen;)

It was so easy to socialize these dogs! The quality of your genetics and your training is 5 star. We could not ask for any better. They are push button and so kind and gentle. Please publish our name and website for anyone who has questions about buying a dog from you and Dorothy. It would be our pleasure to speak with any prospective owners.

We could never thank you enough... After losing our 13 year old West German Shepherd, Bacchus, we thought we would never find any dog to compare. Your ability to match a dog and now a pair of your dogs to our family is the best gift ever! Thank you so much for all of your time and sincere interest.

Debby & Jim Wright