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Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 19:02:15 -0400
From: Bill
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Subject: Tyr & Hild
To: [email protected]

Hello, Roger,

We're delighted with the dogs that you've chosen for us. Tyr, at two years old, is the Ideal male Working-line Shepherd. And Hild, who turned six months last Friday, is his female counterpart—aggressive and confident, with uncanny intelligence, rock-solid nerve and abundant affection. Our vet commented that they are both Superior to the other Shepherds that he sees in his practice.

When we brought Hild home, Tyr accepted her at once, and they've since been inseparable. Watching them play isn't for the faint of heart; however, once Tyr makes it clear that he's the older, bigger, and stronger dog, he enjoys letting Hild chase him and try to assert herself. They also spend a good deal of time keeping us safe from squirrels.

Roger, Thank You for the care that you took—Your Knowledge and Attention to Detail—in determining what we wanted in Working-line Shepherds. In our eyes, Tyr is Magnificent. And we couldn't be happier with your more recent effort to select Hild, The Perfect female companion for Tyr.

We'll send pictures soon. Don't hesitate to use us as references.

Bill & Barbara Cochran
(207) 794-3061