Subject: Subject: Modi at Five Months
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 21:38:35 -0400
From: Bill Cochran [email protected]
To: Roger Tortorella[email protected]

Hi Roger,

We thought that you might enjoy a Modi update. From Modi's arrival on June 1, he quickly adapted to his new home, which includes our nine-year-old female Zwinger Von Himmel working-line Shepherd, Hild. He's extremely affectionate, scary smart, and brave, with a rock solid temperament. And he's such a handsome puppy. When we socialize him, people always comment on his appearance.

On Modi's second night in our house, while he slept in our bedroom, Bill left to get a pencil for a crossword puzzle. When he returned, Modi, all of eleven weeks old and 48 hours out of Germany, woke up, and, not recognizing Bill, ran at him barking. Once he recognized Bill, he jumped up, tail wagging and began licking him. Modi also passed the thunder test. During an infrequent thunder storm, Modi dismissively barked at the thunder; he also barked at Fourth of July fireworks. A few days ago, when Bill was walking him in our small town, fire trucks with sirens blaring wizzed close by. Modi was mildly curious, nothing more. He's quickly bonded to us, sleeping at our feet and playing continually with Hild, who still has the energy and drive of a young dog.

We couldn't be happier with Modi. Thanks, again, Roger, for selecting him for us. We hope summer is treating you well.

We' ve attached a few photos.

Bill and Barbara Cochran

Modi Modi
Modi With Barbara 1 Modi With Barbara 2
Modi With Barbara 11 Weeks Modi With In Germany