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Date: Sat, 10 Sept 2011 12:12:45 -0400
From: Cheryl Fisher
Reply-To: Cheryl Fisher
Subject: Pedigree Mailed Today
To: [email protected]

Hi Roger,

I have just taken some photos of Layla and thought I would send them to you.

She is doing great! We have begun some basic obedience training and she is, of course, obsessive about learning. She is curious about how everything works.

I just want to thank you, Roger for everything. You have been extremely reliable and have made what I thought would be a very complex transaction feel easy and seamless (from my first phone call with 1,000 questions, through to having sent her pedigree to me, you have delivered on everything). I appreciate your straightforward honesty AND cannot express how awesome it is to continue to have such a resource of information regarding these beautiful dogs. You have been truly professional and I 'd like to one day, come up to Maine to personally meet you and have a tour of your operation. I wish you success and look forward to the day that I call you for another male to add to our family of German Shepherd Dogs!

Thanks much!
Cheryl Fisher