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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 13:08:36 -0400
From: Bud Lee Electric
Reply-To: Bud Lee Electric
Subject: Reference Letter
To: Roger and Dorothy

Dear Roger and Dorothy: I want to thank you for your knowledgeable advice and for placing such an intelligent, beautiful, and intuitive puppy with our family. I truly believe that Zwinger Von Himmel breeds the very finest German shepherd dogs.

Buster has shown his intelligence since the day we brought him home. He was so easily housebroken. He comes to us and barks to let us know when he needs to go outside. He has blended in with our family of three children, six cats and one elderly golden retriever. At first, Buster was very curious about the cats and always wanted to play with them, but he was always gentle with them even when they were not happy to see him. Busterís temperament around children far exceeds my expectations.

Buster is six months old now and is growing more beautiful, mature, and graceful with each passing month. He loves to play fetch in the yard and is especially fond of the frisbee. He has incredible energy and drive, yet is such a well-mannered dog in the house. It is amazing to me that while I am playing fetch with him he does not get distracted from the task at hand. If there are cars driving up the driveway while he is playing fetch with me, he does not deviate from retrieving the ball. I remember my golden retriever as a puppy, and his actions surely would not have resembled that of Busters. We often dispense ice from the refrigerator and at the tender age of just three months old, Buster would run to the fridge and sit in front of it hoping to get a piece of ice. On a few occasions, he picked up his bowl and brought it over to set it in front of the fridge. At 3-4 months old he learned to sit, shake, lie down and sit up. As I am only an amateur dog enthusiast, this is a true testament to the quality and extreme intelligence of your dogs.

In addition to playing outside, one of Busterís favorite things to do is to take a ride with us. Since he was 4 months old, we have taken him most every place we go. If we were attending my sonís track meets, we would leave him in the car and he wouldnít chew a single thing! Luck? No, itís the temperament and intelligence of your dogs.

It is truly evident that your passion for the German shepherd dog far surpasses any breeder I have ever met. I am so delighted that such an expert lives right here in the state of Maine and that I could support a local business. Again, thank you for your skilled training advice, and I look forward to keeping in touch with you for the life of our best friend, Buster.

Sincerely Yours,
Corinne and Donald Lee
Taylor, Connor, and Cassidy
Bud Lee Electric, Inc.