Subject: My gsd
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 16:51:58 -0400
From: Brad abrams [email protected]
To: Tortorella Roger [email protected]

Dear Roger,

I want to tell all of those GSD people frantically searching the web to find a fantastic dog stop looking because you have arrived at the best place. I have done research for months and months have called 6 different people from Roger's list and they all said the same thing. Roger has awesome dogs and will hand pick the right dog for you. His dogs aren't cheap but you will get the highest quality GSD there is. In my case I was looking for a trained GSD whom I could bring everywhere and not have to be concerned that he would be aggressive. I am a physician and plan to take Zeno to work, out to dinner, malls etc without the worry of aggressiveness. Well Roger came through. Not only is he well behaved, obedient, level headedness and devoted he is beautiful. So stunning to the point that no matter where I go people stop me constantly showering Zeno with complements about his looks. He's like a rock star. Thank you Roger ! please feel free to email me for questions about Roger's GSD!