Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 21:40:35 -0400
From: Bill
Reply-To: Bill
Subject: Tyr
To: [email protected]

Hi Roger,

Tyr at fourteen weeks continues to amaze. He's extremely curious and affectionate. When Tyr is in public with us, he's drawn to other people and wants to investigate loud noises. Recently, I took him to a road construction site to see how he would react to large, rumbling machinery. He couldn't get enough of a bucket loader and wanted to follow it as it pulled away. When he hears thunder, a chain saw, or a brush cutter, his first reaction is to investigate.

Tyr is exhibiting an abundance of the working-line traits that we prize. His nerve is rock solid. And he's fearless. Within the first 24 hours of being in our house and at nine weeks of age, he launched himself at our other Shepherd, a large adult male, snatching a Nylabone from his mouth. When our adult Shepherd approaches Tyr barking and growling, Tyr always charges forward, also barking. It's all a big game (closely monitored by us) that Tyr sometimes instigates. Outside, when they tussle over a stick or a ball, Tyr is very aggressive and doesn't seem to notice that Zephyr is several times his size and is no shrinking violet himself.

Tyr has drive to spare. Often, he'll pick up a toy and repeatedly shake it, Terrier-like, for ten minutes at a time. During walks in the woods, he often stops and stares intently, lifting his front leg off the ground and bending it at the joint in the arousal position.

Tyr also shows signs of being an excellent athlete. I've never seen a Shepherd puppy as fast and as quick. He loves to leap (which we try to limit at his age) at almost anything.

Our vet, his techs, and people we meet as we socialize Tyr all comment on his conformation and friendly disposition. Tyr appears to have great potential.

We couldn't have asked for a better puppy.
Thanks again,
Bill & Barbara Cochran