Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 18:58:44 -0400
From: Ron Barr
Reply-To: Ron Barr
Subject: Hello!
To: [email protected]

Hi Roger,
Been a while since I gave you an update.

Jake is doing great he is a great companion and my best buddy!

His favorite thing to do is go quad riding, he can run for hours and not even get tired. He is such an athlete it amazes me and even my vet. He loves to swim and when I cannot locate him I just look in the pond and find him splashing around.

He is such a well behaved and stable dog, not to mention so handsome, every place we go I get comments and people come up to me to check him out. He wants to go with me all of the time and as soon as he sees that I am not going to be taking one of my work vehicles he thinks he is automatically coming along.

Take care, Ron