April 15, 2020

Dear Roger,

I have started to draft this letter in my head many times. Nonetheless, now (seven months after our sweet Kensie arrived) I remain at a loss for words to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for you, the work you do, and the gift you created and helped make a part of my family?s life.

After my family lost our sweet dog Sammie, at 13 years old in early summer 2019, I knew I did not want to be without a dog. Gratefully, my husband and six year old daughter were on board. I did a ton of research, learned a lot about the German Shepherd breed, read about a lot of breeders, and then I found you.

Your website was a wealth of information and when I read the letters posted from your customers I knew you were the breeder for me. Now, I am very happy to write my own letter of reference, which echos the sentiment so many others have shared.

When I called you on a Sunday in late July, 2019 my enthusiasm having gotten the best of me, you were kind and patient. From that first conversation until today I have appreciated your method and your results. I particularly appreciate the way you ?held my hand? in the beginning. Your availability and patience as we adjusted to having Kensie in our home and lives was invaluable.

Once we set things in motion for you to pick our dog, I was excited and so was my family. We shared the news with those close to us. Our enthusiasm was met with skepticism (we?re from NY after all!). My decision was met with challenges and a whole host of questions from ?why a dog from Germany,? to ?why not a puppy?, etc.. My mother (admittedly not a pet lover) announced ?I will be scared of it.? Nonetheless, I ignored the doubters and trusted myself. I knew you were the right breeder for me.

The day Kensie arrived in August 2019 my husband and I picked her up at the airport while my mother waited with our daughter at our home. When we arrived home with Kensie our daughter greeted her with open arms and Kensie received her well. My mother watched, saw how Kensie behaved, and announced ?OK, maybe I?ll bond with her.? Then, my mother reached out her hand and pet Kensie on the head. Since that day my mother has been, like us, and all the original doubters, in love with our sweet Kensie.

Kensie is today 100% a member of the family. She is loved more than words can say and she loves us in return. She goes everywhere with me and my family and impresses everyone who meets her. She is always well behaved and patient. People often ask if she is ?working? and want to know more about her. I always tell them about you and direct them to learn more on your website (perhaps some have contacted you).

When we first spoke you learned about my family and our life and you told me you would pick the right dog for us. You told me that you had a process and that I should be patient. Today I tell people that you are a matchmaker, and that you are so good at what you do that if you were in the people matching business you would put all the others out of business.

Kensie is the perfect match for my family. She is good in every way. She is extraordinary with small children, she has the patience of a saint. She has come to my daughter?s school with me on various occasions and the children adore her. They run to her with great joy and enthusiasm and all the noise that accompanies it. They want to see her and touch her and Kensie obliges without complaint. She lays down rolls on her side and allows them all to pet her, she is unbelievably kind.

I could write endlessly about her fine qualities, but I do think this letter should eventually come to an end. I just wanted to say a deep, heartfelt thank you. Thank you for bringing true love into our lives. Thank you for creating such a kind and loving creature. Thank you for your patience and your skill. I look forward to working with you again and should anyone who contacts you like to speak to one of your clients for a reference, you are welcome to have them contact me.

With deep gratitude,